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My Focus . . . Continued

I bring a creative, business-centric approach in counseling companies and management, achieved through fifteen years of experience in legal, strategic and operational roles in both public and start-up companies.

I advise individuals and companies on legal and business issues such as business plan development, entity formation (and associated agreements), capital structure, financing (debt and bridge), capital raising activities (angel, seed and venture capital), shareholder agreements, exit strategies, employment matters, equity compensation, technology and software licensing, reseller and distribution agreements, licensing of intellectual property, software development, and commercial contracts. Also, I don’t mind providing introductions to assist my clients in raising capital.

I practiced in a law firm once upon a time. However, as with most fairy tales, the “glamour” was lost very early on. Please don’t misunderstand me, there is definitely a place for large law firms and I have plenty of friends and colleagues who practice in large, multi-national firms and love it. However, for me, the fit was not there. I always felt as if I was coming in too late “save the day.” With this insight I begin my path towards working with entrepreneurs. I jumped on at the tail end of the go-go years (or was that dot.bomb) of the late 1990s engaging in all aspects of the start-up process including entity formation, business planning, and raising capital via private placement from angel investors and working with venture capitalists.

Now, with over 17 years of experience in the Seattle area, I know that I truly enjoy the process and participating with entrepreneurs at the earliest of stages of life. I worked in-house for many years and had an opportunity to learn what it means to be a part of something very large and visionary. By 2007, after several start-ups and too much turbulence, I was ready for a change. After significant consideration I applied for and was accepted to the Executive MBA program at the University of Washington. At the same time, I also decided it was time to hang out my shingle and build my own business focusing on what I love to do.

Fast-forward two years and the MBA is over. The program was a phenomenal experience and allowed me to hone my business skills and confirm many “a-ha” moments I had during my career.

Having both in-house and firm experience as well as joint post-graduate degrees is invaluable, both to every client and me.  From my perspective, in-house experience truly allows a person to understand short and long-term business objectives. The MBA ensured I understood the academics behind my intuition. This combination makes me stronger and allows me to provide a client with a well-balanced approach to business and legal advice.